That's A Good One

Permalink A sun is up as fog still lies
As the finch hops under disguise
To cover the forest and keep asleep
The sun must admit an early defeat
Permalink Wyoming. The lake. Yellowstone lake’s masterfully completed view of water, mountain, and rock. A simple statement we can paint but would never be able to make. Long ranges of snow-capped steeples chasing clouds. Skinny evergreens dusting the base of these beautiful earthly buildings. I never have seen anything like this before.
Permalink Sometimes the grey sky and road is what one needs for a solitary drive. You can add your own color to the trip. Winter days are great for reminding us what the other seasons have taken away for the time.
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Lucky Sevens.

The pocket silk. There because it can be and no one will question it.
Permalink Pattern. Style. Of this caliber. A determined way to get anything you want.
Permalink Today is Thursday, stare at this for five minutes and you are guaranteed pure relaxation. No refunds.
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Nice fit and C&Js

The Grand Prix of late summer-early fall jackets. A smooth touch to an already smooth season. 
Permalink There is something surreal about your wedding day. You have no words, just an overflowing calm that can destroy any preconceived idea of life. It can be chilling and quiet scary at the same time, but for those brief hours before you say, “I do,” nothing can go wrong. Nothing can move you, it feels as if the winds are standing still and your heart is all you can hear. The thing with this photo, with this friend of mine is I felt his spell, we all did. His clock stopped as he stood their with his flannel suit and English cap. His warmth was from the overwhelming sense of just decisions. His bride not there yet, we asked him to stare out at the bay in Des Moines, WA. He didn’t just stare, he spent time, and lots of it comparing himself to the water and mountains beyond. His tide ever changing and his height slowly growing and filling more and more space than he could believe. For now he was the man, the groom, the guy, the chief, el jefe. No one could touch him, not even the yellow ball above his head. We had no words for him, he none for us. Just a calm grin and smooth look that said it all, “I am one happy guy.”
Permalink For those slow strolls down leaf-covered paths. The smooth look of dress with the smokey tones from the festivities you are walking from. The eyelets hold your laces in a stylish yet manly fashion. Whatever happens next is up to you.
Permalink  Functionality meets fashion meets everything in between.